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Water tests and analyses

From drinking water to water drawn from wells to the water in swimming pools, we watch over the quality of the water you drink or use

Water quality is crucial to good health. Poor-quality water can also have financial impacts, for example, when purchasing a property. That is why Laboratoire Notreau provides water-testing and analysis services along with fast and effective solutions to whatever water-quality problems we detect.

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The importance of ensuring good water quality

Nowadays, we tend not to worry about water quality. Open the tap, and there you go! But is the water you use really safe? What about water drawn from a well? What about unchlorinated surface water? Homes that draw water from wells are as vulnerable to natural events such as flooding, snow-melt, erosion, and weather conditions as are water-distribution networks. The presence of contaminants in the water can cause generalized health problems.

Who makes use of our water-analysis services?

Our water-testing and analysis services are designed for homeowners, property developers and builders, and municipalities and institutions. While they may be active in divergent sectors, our clients share the same favourable view as to the importance and effectiveness of the water-testing and analysis services supplied by Laboratoire Notreau.

Preventing material and financial consequences

Did you know that financial institutions require a water test when the sole water source for a home is a well rather than a municipal water-distribution network? In the event of a foreclosure, lending institutions would rather not have to finance homes without a safe drinking-water supply; such a situation may result in high costs to bring the properties into compliance. In such cases, water-testing and analysis services are required so as to prevent unwanted material and financial consequences stemming from poor-quality water.

If you are worried about the water you drink and use, for example, the quality of tap water, the quality of water drawn from a well or even the presence of iron ochre, you need to resort to the kinds of water-quality testing and analysis conducted by a recognized expert in the field, such as Laboratoire Notreau.

The importance of testing drinking water

To ensure that your drinking water is clean and safe, we recommend a drinking-water test. Laboratoire Notreau can carry out a drinking-water test from all supply sources, including wells and municipal water systems. A drinking-water test can find out how clean your water is and help you prevent health-related problems, including skin infections, gastroenteritis, heartburn, and chronic bowel problems due to bacteria.

A water test is an obligation whenever you purchase or renew the mortgage on a house whose water supply is a well. In such cases, proof of potability – certifying that the water is safe to drink thanks to a drinking-water test – is required by the financial lending institution and the notary.

How we test drinking water

We conduct water tests in accordance with methods recognized by the Quebec government’s department for sustainable development, the environment, and parks (MDDEP). Drinking-water test results are delivered within 24 hours following reception of water samples at our laboratory. Once we have detected a problem, we provide solutions designed to restore water quality.

The importance of testing swimming pool water

Water testing and analysis. Drinking water and tap analysis pool

A swimming pool water test may be carried out for health-related concerns or requested by municipalities to ensure the quality of swimming-pool water or a body of water in compliance with current standards. Among other things, the test can determine if additives are doing their work effectively in current concentrations in accordance with water pH levels. A swimming-pool water test is also used whenever unusual problems appear, for example, seaweed, black deposit marks on the walls, change of water colour at depth or the appearance in pool users of redness in their eyes or spots on their skin.

How we test swimming-pool water

We conduct swimming-pool water tests in accordance with methods recognized by the Quebec government’s department for sustainable development, the environment, and parks (MDDEP). Thanks to these specific tests, we can detect the presence of Escherichia coli (fecal matter), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (chlorination or salt-related problems) and Staphylococcus aureus (filter-related problems).

Water-testing results delivered quickly

For both swimming pools and bodies of water, we deliver test results in 72 hours. Preliminary results for Escherichia coli (E. coli) and Staphylococcus aureus may be delivered more promptly, that is, in less than 72 hours following the reception of samples at our laboratory. We issue one swimming-pool water-test report per sample so as to avoid confusion involving the various samples.

Targeted solutions to ensure swimming-pool water quality

Once we have detected one or more problems, we provide targeted solutions to restore water quality. These may include additive-dilution methods, changes to the list of biological and chemical products, changes of filter (depending on size and type), and adjusting water-treatment schedules and compliance parameters.

The importance of iron-ochre testing

Iron ochre is a rust deposit that is sometimes found in drainpipes. Its presence and scope, which are determined by carrying out an iron-ochre test, are due to iron-eating bacteria that are found in soil and underground water. Whenever it is present to a sufficient extent, iron ochre can obstruct drainpipes, cause flooding in basements, and weaken foundations.

Fighting iron ochre in a timely fashion

If you suspect that you have a drainpipe problem or if you see a build-up of rust in the sump pump basin, you should call for an iron-ochre test. The same goes for homeowners in areas prone to iron ochre, such as the municipality of Blainville. Please know that insurance companies may request iron-ochre testing in areas where the concentration of iron in the water is greater.

How we test for iron ochre

Water testing and analysis. Drinking water and tap analysis

Our method consists in sampling water from the sump pump and sampling water or soil at the outlet of the French drain or near the house. Results are delivered in 24 hours following reception of samples at our laboratory.

Your water-quality analysis kit

To speed up the water-analysis process, you can carry out the task of taking samples thanks to our Notreau® water-quality analysis kit. We provide the kit to individuals and businesses. This easy-to-use kit (instructions are included in each kit) allows you to sample tap water, spring water from a well or surface water (for example, from lakes or rivers). Please feel free to contact us at any time to get your water-quality analysis kit by calling 1 888 533-9996.

We provide services to a large geographical area

Thanks to our presence in Greater Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, the Laurentians, the region of Lanaudière, the Eastern Townships, and the region of Montérégie, our geographical scope is extensive. All our clients – wherever they may be – share one specific trait: satisfaction with our effective water-testing and analysis services. They enjoy peace of mind knowing that the water they drink or use for other purposes is of good quality.

Get in touch to get your water quality tested

To order water tests and analyses or your Notreau® water-quality analysis kit, please contact us today at 1 888 533-9996 or geostar@geostar-notreau.com

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